Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More words of inspiration

Yesterday's mantra is day-old news. And though, "At least it doesn't smell like poo" was a powerful talisman in my self-help arsenal yesterday, today I was given this lovely, spiritual, uplifting tidbit, from my husband no less, as I may have whined a tiny bit about my throbbing incision sites, my gassy stomach, my bile bag and, you know, just generally whine-worthy stuff.

"It's better than getting your face ripped off by a chimp."

True dat, brother. True. Dat.

PS: On the how you doin' front:

I took a shower, did not die.

I removed my dressing (per nurse's orders) and HOLY SHIT THERE ARE TUBES RIGHT THERE JUST STICKING OUT OF MY STOMACH. I should have NEVER removed the dressing. But now it's done and hopefully tomorrow one of the drains will be removed at my late afternoon follow-up appointment.

I am starting to hate soup.

Post-surgical coughing jags have commenced. NOT FUN.

My discharge papers say I can't have carbonated beverages. I am thinking this is probably just a mean joke by one of the nurses who knows how I feel about diet coke, so I am not going to take this one too seriously.

A three-time review of my discharge papers shows no mention of "avoid alcohol." Just saying.


Keetha said...

Crack open a bottle of wine, then. Forgo the Diet Coke.

I hope you're at least getting to watch some good daytime TV.

OneTiredEma said...

Coke is also good mostly flat. If you get desperate.

This is really the ultimate in new employee loyalty, no? :)

If you need soup recipes, let me know; I've got a ton. If I were within 5,000 miles of you I'd totally whip some up for you.

Amy said...

Oh honey. That is gross and fascinating all in one. I've got some good surgery stories (some including poo, just sayin') if you ever have a curious notion...

Happy Recovery!!!!

chacha said...

Well, on the silver lining to this soup-only business is perhaps bonus weight loss? Not that losing 5 pounds is worth having a tube with a bag coming out of your stomach.

I would have PASSED OUT if I had to remove dressings and see tubes out of my stomach. I almost passed out at the dr's office when he had me peel off the white tape that had been covering my appendectomy incision - after it was healed. I'm a wuss. They had to sit me down and give me a Coke.

Gabriel Reese said...

whats with all of the mullets the are kinda freaking me out...lol

Laurie said...

34 years as a 'blogging virgin' out the window. After selfishly spending 2 days creating my page, I fkinally decided to check out some others. I clicked the 'Next Blog' button at the top of my page, and it brought me here. I like it here. I am not hitting the 'next bog' button again today...don't want to press my luck.
PS: My oldest son is 12, and speaks the same 'eye ball' language. I think he curses more though...my translation is still a bit foggy.