Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shred this, biyotch

Don't be fooled by her cute little dog. This chick? Is not nice. She tried to kill me. As a result? I have limited use of my arms. And my legs. WTF, Shred?

I went to Walmart today. No photos were taken, that I know of. I had to buy storage bins. So I can pack away our Christmas decorations. Yes, you read that right. CHRISTMAS. Now, you may ask, why do you have to pack away anything when you didn't even decorate your tree this year? Good question! Though the decorations never made it to the tree, they did make it to the mantle and the front porch. And then they made it back down into the basement, overflowing their random and tatty cardboard boxes.

Now that we are feeling pretty confident that we will be moving by summertime, whether the house is sold or not, I figure it's a good time to get that stuff organized and stored in a way that will be move friendly. Plus? Purging through. I am not so good with the purging, but I'm in the mood for it today. Inarguably, I will throw something out that I will want back desperately tomorrow, so I am going to make sure that everything in my OUT pile goes to Goodwill before bedtime tonight.

I have yet to watch a single episode of the final season of Lost, but I have them all on Tivo. So that's the plan... sit in front of the TV and sort thru Christmas crap. As soon as I regain the ability to lift my arms above waist level.


Amy said...

MMmmmm...I need her to shred me.

Cat said...

Isn't ironic that her dog is fat?