Thursday, April 8, 2010

Visiting old friends this weekend

Oh, Joey, what has he done to you?

Last weekend, we had a "Glee" marathon. Tim and I had already watched Glee via Hulu during the regular "season," but Carlie and Erinna had not seen it. So we picked up the DVD at Target and watched all 13 episodes. In 24 hours. Yes-huh.

This weekend, instead of, oh, you know, things like packing, sorting, cleaning, organizing and, you know, preparing to move in six scant weeks, I think I'm going to introduce my girls to my friends at Dawson's Creek. Because, you know, that's really productive. Plus, I miss them. Shut up.

Have you ever bonded with a fictitious character? Or is it just me? In addition to missing my friends from the creek, I also had serious withdrawals and grieving when Knots Landing went off the air, and was downright inconsolable for a month following the end of Buffy. Honestly, Angel was hardly any help at all.

It's not just me? Right? RIGHT?


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Have I ever bonded with a fictitious character? Who me? Like Tim Riggins? No. The real question is have I ever bonded with a real-live bedazzled-eyed man and became certain that he has bonded with me?

I know packing, sorting, cleaning, organizing, and, you, know, preparing to move blows, but I'm really excited for you, too.


Courtney said...

Um, I love my peeps from the Creek. I fully intend to buy the series over the course of time - it was a great show! I do have to admit the show that sunk into my consciousness more than it ever should have was Gilmore Girls.

Keetha said...

Friends. Rachel and Chandler and the gang. Loved them.

I've never seen Dawson's Creek. Not an episode. Am I missing out?

I heard yesterday it's the 20 year anniversary of Twin Peaks, another show I've never seen.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Still missing Buffy and the gang. *sigh*

I also suffer this bereavement after a good book.

I'm pretty sure those that don't get it, really judge this sort of thing.