Friday, May 14, 2010

Moving: T minus 6 days

This is my 801st blog post. I forgot to post something cool for #800. Someone remind me to muster up some fanfare for #1,000, m'kay?

This is my last weekend in my house. I sat out on my deck, looking at the bumper crop of cherries on our cherry trees and the grapevines loaded with little grapes-to-be, and cried about that earlier today, before I was even drunk.

To sum up where we are with the move: we are not packed, we have no boxes, my daughter and her two year old arrive for an extended visit tomorrow, and Tim has left to go to the coast for the weekend.

So, yeah, fucking awesome over here.


Jen on the Edge said...

If you post a request for boxes on the Freecycle in your area, you should have all you need by the end of the weekend.

Anna See said...


Sherry said...

You forgot you're not going to be within walking distance of the bakery. That's something worth seriously crying about. O

h, damn. I don't live within walking distance of the bakery either. I guess that's good for my wardrobe.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...


There's a reason you're moving. You'll get to that reason. You'll get there.

Thinking of you.

Shana said...

In Tim's defense, he went to the coast, mowed the yard, spent the night and then came home, so gone less than 24 hours. And when he came home he got a lot of work done, including defrosting the extra freezer, which had so much ice on the shelves you could only store frozen pizzas in it. And a friend sent over three giant rubbermaid bins just when I ran out of boxes. So we're still soldiering on... for now.