Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spreading the love

I've been spreading the love, wherein *love* = strep throat. I was going to insert a picture here, but was so horrified by what google images presented me with when I looked for strep throat images, that I couldn't bring myself to do it. You're welcome. In my defense, I thought I had allergies, and then I thought I had a cold. I never would have attended those two birthday parties and one dance party had I know that I was contagious.

Meanwhile, our family continues to single-handedly keep the medical industry afloat. Sunday, Carlie and Erinna went to the grocery store to buy eggs to make brownies for dad for a Father's Day treat after dinner. The joys of having a teen driver in the house, no more last minute grocery runs!

I get a call from Erinna to "meet them at the hospital" because the "ambulance" is taking Carlie and BLAH BLAH BLAH I can't make out the words here because HELLO, WHAT?

The store is less that five minutes from my house, so I tell her GO NOWHERE and Tim and I hustle our butts off of the couch, where we're both being lethargic and streppy ( he has it too ) and get to the grocery store, where we find this...
Tell me that's not enough to give you a little heart attack on the spot?

Per Carlie's telling of the tale, she tripped and bumped a wine display. At this particular store, wine bottles are stacked on the corners of aisles and I've come pretty close to knocking a couple down myself when rounding corners. When she bumped the stacked bottles, one fell, but it didn't hit her in the head. It hit the ground in front of her and shattered. And a big chunk of the bottle rebounded up and smacked her in the forehead. Seriously. How does this even happen?

The store personnel called 911 because she was bleeding profusely from the head. The emergency guys got her cleaned up and she had a small gash in her eyelid that would need stitches. They were worried about glass in her eyes, so they bandaged them shut.

After some haggling about the direness of this emergency, I had them wheel her on the gurney to my car and I drove her to the hospital myself. WORST MOM EVER, I KNOW, SHUT UP. Sorry, but I'm not paying $800 for an ambulance ride to a hospital that is two miles away, at least I wasn't once they confirmed that there was nothing further they could do for her in the ambulance and it was just a matter of getting her to the ER. I got her there.

Not going to lie. I contemplated going home and putting a butterfly closure on the wound. It was very tiny but deep. Carlie was not complaining or crying, she was a little discombobulated with her eyes bandaged shut, but she had no eye pain, nothing. I asked the emergency guys if they could just but a butterfly thing on it and they said they could, but really they wanted her eyes checked for glass. Even though was not complaining of eye pain, it was a concern. So that's what led me to the hospital ultimately.

And as the doctor flushed out the wound, a glass shard about the size of a half-carat stone popped out of the wound.
OMG. Can you even imagine if I had left that in her head? Shudder. I placed it next to the penny for scale, because it doesn't look like much, but when it POPS OUT OF YOUR HEAD, it seems a lot larger.

The end result, she got five stitches and she's got a shiner. No glass in eyes, thank God. And we can add the ER to the list of places that I spread my streppy plague, because I sat in there coughing for a good three hours.

So, what did ya'll do this weekend?


Jen on the Edge said...

Holy crap, that's just awful. Poor kid. I hope the swelling has gone down now and that she won't have much of a scar.

LStewart said...

First of all I'm glad she is okay and she avoided having glass in her eye. That could have been major serious!
Second ... Did you tell the hospital & the ambulance crew to bill the grocery store? Aren't they the one's ultimately responsible for this scar she will carry the rest of her life? I think they should pay, not you!

Keetha said...

I'm glad she is okay!

How does this stuff keep happening to you and your family??

Diet Buddy said...

I'm so glad it wasn't worse! Hugs!