Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oy, what a day

I spent my day at work in a nine hour bankruptcy deposition. The case is really heartbreaking. The couple filing for bankruptcy only have $1.2 million left in assets and $129 million debt.Just let that sink in for a minute. Things have gotten so bad for them, they had to sell the horses, all three of their boats and almost all of their cars. They're down to only one home in the Portland area, in a lovely rural town on 20 acres, and a second home in Scottsdale. Other than that, they're broke.

Are you crying yet?

The most disheartening part of this entire scenario? I had on a cute cleavagey black and grey wrap dress with a sweater and both of the attorneys were (a) young women (b) super cute (c) and wearing suits with ruffled shirts. One had on a black suit with an ivory shirt and the ruffles were lace. The other had on wool pants with a light gray jacket and a dark gray ruffled tuxedo shirt underneath. One had a cute brunette pixie haircut and the other had curly red hair, like the bad vampire girl in the Twilight movies.

FEELING FRUMPY, WHO? My hair felt very sensible and the combination of wrap dress with sweater went from cute to tragically slutty grandma.

Also? When did the attorneys get younger than me? And doctors? And dentists?

Not cool. At all.

PS: When did the ruffled shirt become a fashion trend? And why do I not have one?

FASHION UPDATE: So I had day two of the same case today. Pixie lawyer had on grey wool dress with black blazer, black tights and lace-up booties. Twilight vampire lawyer had on black slacks, a grey ruffled tuxedo shirt and a jean jacket and a ton of huge jewelry. I WANT TO BE COOL. I WANT TO BE HIP AND TRENDY. Bitches.


Fantastic Forrest said...

I LOVE this post. I just do. It is so...you. Which is not at all tragically slutty grandma.

Oh, and that bankrupt couple? WTF. That is what is wrong with America.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I want the Bad Vampire red hair. It might have been the highlight of the Twilight movies, well, that and the wolf pup.

(I was recently commenting on just how young the look these days, further proving my Tragically Slutty Grandma status or at least feeling that way.)

Amy said...

uhhhh were you on a movie set or something? This sounds so surreal!!! Like Ally McBeal or some shit. Crazay!!!

Cheryl said...

OMG I love your blog! Just found it through blog hopping and this post is killing me! Not only can I completely relate about how everyone got younger than me.. but the bankruptcy thing just baffles me.

I filed bankruptcy last year after a failed business attempt. we have over $400K in debt and lost everything... we now rent a home and have a car owned by my father in law that we lease back from him. Oh.. and my bankruptcy was tossed because I make too much money... apparently $50K a year is too much money for a family of 2.. WTF!! LOL

Well hopefully those folks are able to find happiness in their 20acre home..

Thanks for making me laugh!