Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Travels

We're leaving in the morning (theoretically*) to go to Bend/Sun River for Thanksgiving, to celebrate with friends (theoretically**) and family and enjoy the snow (theoretically***) without me having to do the bulk of the cooking.

Unfortunately, the weather God are not shining down on us, unless "shining down" includes dumping snow, snow, snow and more snow, albeit not on us directly, but on the route that we need to travel to make it to our destination.

My husband, born and raised in Chicago, land of ice and snow, assures me he is fully capable of driving us over a mountain and through a blizzard. Myself, born and raised in New Orleans, land of sun and humidity and the occasional hurricane, is planning to drink to excess tonight so that I can sleep through the drive tomorrow.

And just to keep it exciting, Carlie drove out with her uncle today, so deciding to cancel our trip due to inclement weather is not a particularly good option, what, with her being the overly sensitive little flower that she is.

So when you're putting your turkey in the oven, think of me braving the elements on the road (i.e. sleeping in the passenger seat). And when you're mashing your potatoes, send good vibes as I (Tim) am chaining up on the side of the road on a treacherous mountain pass.

Happy Holidays. Are we having fun yet?

*if the world has not ended in snowpocalypse 2010
**the friends have already bailed on the trip, but the family? diehards
***I hate snow

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Oh my.

Also? My word verification is "bless" and I'm not even lying.