Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yeah, so, I'm shallow... WHATEVER

Jeez, you guys sure know how to make a person feel shallow with your lofty ambitions of traveling with your children and buying the world a Coke. But guess what? I still want an iPad. And you don't know. Maybe while I'm only working part time, I'll be knitting caps for the hungry in my spare time. Take that, Judgey McJudgerson.

Speaking of knitting, I've whipped up some pretty cute stuff in my not-blogging time. Behold the wonder of my magic needles...
The strawberry hat... my staple tried-and-true baby gift
An acorn hat, first time and loved the results

And the Baby Yoda sweater in a pink silk blend. So lush.

What sparked the sudden knit-a-thon? We have a new addition to our family... Chloe, my gorgeous new baby niece. Behold the wonder of my sister's magic..... erm.... parts....
Could you just die? Baby!

There's another impending addition slated to join our family in August 2011. But I ask you, what exactly is one supposed to knit when your oldest daughter sends you a photo of this?


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Yowza! That's exciting.

And for what it's worth: You TOTALLY deserve a iPad. And I need knitting lessons. Oy.

Janet said...

congrats and I LOVE the acorn hat!

Jen on the Edge said...

Congrats on the upcoming arrival of a son-in-law!

Anna See said...

Congrats on the engagement.

Is 41 too old for an acorn hat, b/c I want one?!

trifitmom said...

congrats on both pieces of news !! i had a knitting stint for a while and did the fruit hats !!!

Kathy said...

You knit her a "I'm so happy for you honey" banner and fly it high.

San Diego Momma said...


I am temporarily blinded by the light of babytude and cannot type a fitting comment.

Except. Congrats! (Right?)

And? Strawberry hat!


Clare said...

Congrats to your family, and you are mega-talented, lady! LOVE the hats! You so need your own etsy store.

OneTiredEma said...

If I have another baby you are totally on the hook for one of those hats.

Your niece is PRESHUS!

(and congrats on the son in law!)