Monday, January 24, 2011

Book Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to my 12-year-old random number generator, we have a lucky winner in the book giveaway. Congratulations, Cat! Send me your address and I'll get your info to the publisher lickety split.

I'm having one of those life moments where I have lots of things to say, but no time to say them. Work is insane. Carlie's homework load is insane. My brain is overflowing with randomosity. And I have some family shit going down that will make for interesting blog fodder if I ever have the balls to talk about it out loud.

In the words of the great governator... I'LL BE BACK.


San Diego Momma said...

SPILL IT! (The family drama)

Do as I do: write about it on your blog and then get into big trouble for it later and as a bonus? Be forced to apologize!

It's fun!

Fantastic Forrest said...

Start talking. After all, I have lots of time to listen since I didn't win the book.

If your balls aren't big enough to tell all to bloggyland, let's go out for coffee.