Monday, April 11, 2011

Depravity: the early years

I'm cleaning up my blog archives and found this in drafts, unpublished. I have no idea why it went unpublished as it is quite an entertaining little insight into our home and family life. Carlie is having a sleepover tonight with her friend Hannah at our house. What follows is a true transcript of events. Tim: Let's watch The Sound of Music. Carlie and Hannah: No, let's watch The Princess Diaries. Hannah: Did you know Julie Andrews is six feet tall? Everyone else: She is not! (a pool is created with all five of our bets on the height of Julie Andrews) (she is 5'8", Erinna wins $5) (Carlie and Hannah desperately want to win cash after seeing Erinna win $5) Carlie: I can scratch my ear with my foot, like a dog! Me: Big woop. Carlie: I'll bet I can pick my nose with my toes. Hannah: Me too! Me: Now that I'd be interested in. They are each $1 richer.

PS this is why most kids don't come back for a repeat appearance at our house for sleepovers.

PPS That's a lie. This is actually why kids are dying to sleep over here.

PPSS I'm not even that drunk.

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Rivki said...

Hysterical. I especially enjoyed the visual. Hehehe