Saturday, June 25, 2011

Say Cheese

Earlier this month Tim and I went to Seattle for the U2 concert. It was one of those weekends where everything fell into place... girl scout weekend trip for Carlie, Tim's brother in town needing a place to stay (i.e. cat sitter for us), gorgeous weather for a road trip... you get the idea.

Self Portrait, Seattle Waterfront

My love for U2 is well-known and long-lived, with my first U2 concert being back in the late 80s. I've only missed one North Amerian tour since then due to extreme pregnancy, and have seen them on the same tour multiple times when I've been able to. I'm a devotee, a loyal fan, like, hard core.

We got these tickets TWO YEARS AGO, almost a year in advance for the June 2010 concert, which was cancelled and rescheduled for June 2011. So to say I've been waiting for this is what we like to call a wee bit of an understatement. Plus, a perfect storm of work stress and kid drama made this the perfect time for a weekend getaway. As a little reward for waiting so long for the concert, we got an upgrade in the opening act. LENNY KRAVITZ. I'm here to tell you, that man is fine. Like, super fine. Like, holy shit look at those biceps FINE.

Lenny, not showing his biceps in this photo. But trust me, they're there.

Other than Lenny, and Bono, and the concert itself, and the getting out of town, and the spending time with friends, and the staying at an awesome downtown hotel in a fabulous city, I was most especially looking forward to the FAN CAM. Do you know about this? It is OMG awesome. Go, check it out, now. It's a giant gigapixel photo of almost the entire stadium audience at the concert, with enough resolution that you can find yourself and tag yourself. Unbelievable. I have been GIDDY with excitement waiting to tag myself at the concert. GIDDY, I tell you. GID-DY.

So I get my email that the fan cam photo for Seattle is up, and I barrel on over to the web site. I had to have Tim help me find our seats because, hello, have you met me? I have no sense of direction. He looks at the photo and points right to the section we were sitting in (how?) and I start zooming in. There were 70,000 people at the concert in Seattle, and I'm zooming in on myself, ready to tag it, so Bono can find me and we can get on with our happily ever after.

And I zoom. And I zoom. And BAM! There's my friend Lisa, who I was sitting right next to. But wait? What's this?

Seriously? I have been robbed of my moment of fan cam glory. You can't see crap in this picture unless you click and make it bigger, so let me take a closer upper picture with my iPhone of the computer monitor.


PS: Sit down, asshole!

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