Thursday, July 21, 2011

Number Crunching

32: Number of days until I take Erinna to college orientation
3: Number of days left before Carlie comes home and, thus, ends my summer of foot loose and fancy free
5: Number of depositions I have attended in the last four days
23: Number of days until I become a mother-in-law
238: Number of Facebook Friends
3: Number of attorneys who pissed me off at work today
14: Number of sleeveless faux wrap shirts I have in the exact same size/style/brand but different colors
0: My interest in wearing any of those 14 shirts (last year's go to shirt)
43: Number of episodes of Eureka in my Tivo
Infinity: Number of times I can watch the same reruns of Sex and the City
895: Number of posts on this blog (yowza!)


Cat said...

Congrats on your posting staying power.

pharmacy reviews said...

895 posts?? wow that is a lot, congrats on a well put together site.