Friday, September 16, 2011


A question that has been on my mind... what is the coolest free thing that you've ever gotten? Not free, like a prize that you won and is supposed to be cool, but random crap that you came across and found useful.

A couple of weeks ago, I ducked into a posh Indian restaurant in downtown Portland for a quick lunch during a depo. The service was sooooo slow that I had to have them pack my lunch to go and go back to work without eating. If you know how I feel about my meals, you'll understand the gravity of going back to work without lunch. Devastation.

But they packed my food in this bpa-free bento container. And since bringing this home, it's like the most sought after item in the kitchen. I was using it during dinnertime cleanup to pack leftovers for Tim to take to work the next day, but now that school has started, Carlie is using it every morning to pack her school lunch.

A close second place would be the plastic drawstring bag that I got at a running expo in June from Brooks shoes. Perfect size, heavy duty, well made, can wear it like a backpack, one of those bags. Love. It.

So share... what random piece have crap have you lucked into?

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Keetha said...

I'm envious of your cool free crap. The free crap I get are things like pens, magnets, coupons to restaurants I don't visit.