Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It's Novmber and I'm going to do that crazy thing where you post every day for a month. I also agreed to participate in a fitness frenzy, doing 30 minutes of exercise every day between today and Thanksgiving.

So, yeah, hi, November, come on in and kick my ass!

Speaking of my ass, that's kind of my go-to phrase, "my ass," as in:

Carlie: I'm tired.
Me: tired, my ass. Do your homework.

Tim: I'm hungry.
Me: hungry, my ass. Dinner will be ready when it's ready.

You get the idea. Apparently this may be a southern thing, because I heard "my ass" four tines in a single episode of Treme this weekend. But I digress.

I was at a Halloween party last weekend and a couple dressed as Occupy Wall Street protesters. They were awesome with their signs and hippy garb and camping gear. I had a beer, or four, and in the course of conversation I threw out "occupy, my ass."

Yeah. I need a new go-to phrase.