Monday, January 3, 2011

In which I apparently smoke crack...

Taking a break from my lazy blogging series (but don't worry, shit I bought is coming soon!) to let you know that I have apparently lost touch with reality, because I thought this looked like a good idea.
That is a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. OF BEADS. For real. Also? My 12-year-old child? Has never done a jigsaw puzzle. Lazy mother, who?

We got the pieces laid out on the dining room table...

And started assembling on the card table.

And within about, oh, let's say seven minutes, Carlie was bored.

To which I say, BORED MY ASS. We will complete this puzzle if it's the last thing we do. Come hell or high water, through blood shed and tears... VICTORY WILL BE MINE.

PS: I have apparently lost my fucking mind. Wheeeeee!

UPDATE: I am going to post a picture of our progress every day. Wherein "every day" = until someone dies because of this f*ing puzzle. I've even created a separate page for tracking puzzle progress here, in the tabs above.


justme said...

bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i want to see it finished

Keetha said...

I have to tell you, hon, that I think you may have lost your ever-loving mind.

Let me know how that puzzle works out!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

My Mom & sister have puzzles going because it's fun. So they say.

Come. Buy one with us.

It's this Borg-ish family thing.

But for the life of me I find them utterly unappealing. lazy mother, me will be sending my urchins over to you for proper puzzle upbringing.