Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Definition of Over Involved

Tim bought himself a pair of socks, and I noticed. Because? He has not bought himself a clothing item in 15 years. I buy all of his clothes, including socks.

But really? This is what my life has become? That I have the ability to notice a foreign sock in my husband's wardrobe? My first thought was, he must be having an affair, because I cannot even imagine that he went shopping on his own.

That was really my first thought. Even though I have no fear that my husband is cheating. But an affair with a sock-buying slut is more likely than Tim going shopping. Seriously.

While divvying up the laundry, I held up the offending socks, black wool Wigwam-brand hiking socks to be exact, and said, "Where did these come from?"

"I bought them at a garage sale."


I'd kind of prefer that they were a gift from a sock-buying slut, if we're being totally honest here.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Oh my God. We are sisters. I saw that Tom bought himself a pair of pants at Old Navy, and I installed a tracking device on his car. No, seriously, Old Navy is near-ish to his office and whatnot, and he needed pants, but when in the last 19 years has he even noticed he needed pants much less bought some? Never. Until now. So next time he "buys pants," well, I saw how Will Smith can get shit done in Enemy of the State. I'm pretty sure I can find out what this shopping trip was really about.

Also? Garage sale socks? The mind boggles. This is why shopping should be left to the sluts or the experienced. Same thing.

Cat said...

Yeah, I'm with you on the used sock thing. EWWWWW!

Jen on the Edge said...

Holy crap, you, Cheri, and I are triplets. I would have thought the same thing. In fact, when Pete embarks on his bi-yearly clothes shopping expedition, he warns me in advance because he knows *exactly* what I would think.