Friday, July 25, 2008

Missed the boat

Well, the sun is already way too high in the sky for me to go for a run. And I should have run, returned, showered and started work by now. But here I sit, on my bed, procrastinating. And thinking about jam. I want an english muffin with jam. Why would a person who has 13 pounds yet to lose make jam? That was not one of my smartest decisions.

Game plan: work for two hours, pack, can cherry jam, eat lunch, leave for camping. Sounded more realistic when I was getting up at 6 am, which was 2.5 hours ago.

Leaving Vancouver with a high of 82 today for camping in Naselle with an updated weather forecast of high 67/low 49 and rain for Saturday and Sunday. Are you just even more jealous about my camping trip now? There is nothing 9-year-old girls like better than sleeping in a tent when it is 49 degress... unless it's camping in the rain. I'll be mobile blogging all of the gory details.

On the OMG/WTF front, Disney is remaking my favorite movie franchise of all time... WITCH MOUNTAIN. I had a serious obsession with all things Tony and Tia as a child in the 70's. I have no recall of a remake in the 90's, so it must have been bad. But how excited am I about this? Like on the verge of age-inappropriately excited. What's the one thing Disney could do to ruin this for me? Well, besides casting Miley Cyrus as Tia (thank God they did not!). Casting "The Rock" in it. Hello? When did "The Rock" become a legitimate actor and why didn't we do something about this before he had a chance to sully the classics?

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