Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yo, Pimp My Blog

Instead of doing the income-generating work that I swore I would do tonight, or doing any form of exercise whatsoever, I've been pimping my blog. I set up a blog roll with links to some great blogs and set up a feed or subscription thingie or whatever the hell that is. If anyone figures it out, let me know. Also threw on a google ad for the sake of seeing what happens. Next step is the web cam, but not tonight. It is 700 degrees in my bedroom and you do not want to see what that looks like. It makes the Girl Scout camp out with a high of 64 and low of 51 this weekend almost sound inviting. Almost. I'm not so keen on camping or 9-year-old girls in groups larger than, say, four. And I'm not going to name names, but some of the other parents going on the trip might be a tiny bit insane. I'm just saying.

This is not an official Girl Scout trip. It's a family camp out with other families who have girls in the same troop. Important distinction because if it were an officially sanctioned Girl Scout camping trip the dad's would have to sleep somewhere else and the moms could not be able to enjoy a cocktail if per chance the opportunity presented itself. And, unlike our little Catholic school golf tournament, no, I will not be bringing my flask. Well, at least probably not.

Before I go to bed... does anyone know anything about canning? I followed all of the directions and did the boiling water bath. Left the jars out for 24 hours and when I checked them they are sealed tight. I even took the rings off and tried to pop the lids off. They would require a knife to pry them off. Does this mean my jam is safe to sit in the pantry or is this a botulism nightmare in the making?

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