Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blog Ettiquette... help?

I'm looking for a little guidance on the blog ettiquette front, because I never know if I'm doing it right! I'm eager to hear from the seasoned bloggers so I can proceed appropriately with my newfound obsession. Is there a Ms. Manners of blogging out there that I should consult?

Is it rude not to acknowledge every comment?
Is it better to acknowledge a comment with an email or by commenting on that persons blog? I tend to go with the blog commenting because I like comments and assume everyone else does too. But some people respond with emails when I comment them, so I wonder if that's what I should be doing too?

Blog Roll:
I just added some of the blogs I enjoy to my blog roll. Should I have asked people first, before adding them? Should I email them now and let them know I added them? If someone adds me to their blog roll, am I compelled to add them to mine?

Thanks, bloggers, for teaching me how to keep my elbows off the blogging table : )


Mrs. G. said...

I don't respond to every comment directly-unless someone asks a specific question and then I will address it in the comments section. I do try to visit the people who comment when I get the time.

Just do what feels right.

Feener said...

ugh, i wish i knew, for the most part i do not respond to every comment, sometimes i do for fun. if the person is new to my blog i will either email them or visit their blog a comment (this is a must for me b/c i feel as a new person iwould want to be recognized)

don't worry the one thing is NO one is getting upset or mad about it. if they are they aren't much fun huh

Anonymous said...

Nah. You can't respond to every comment. You will go nuts.

And I think people are flattered when you add them to your blogroll, and they'll figure out you did so when they see people coming over from your site. No need to alert anyone.

That said, thank you for your orange lips comment. You are my favorite person ever. Other than Chester Cheeto, obvs.