Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Boot Camp Saga... Day 5

Halfway through with my boot camp session and I finally must admit complete defeat.

Waking up, OMG, impossibly hard with the rain and the coolness and the snuggle-in factor. I have to say, thank goodness I am carpooling because if I had been left to my own devices I would have stayed in bed.

It was drizzly, so at least no pounding rain during the outdoor workout. After stretching and a jog we played a game (yay for games!) with Uno cards. There was a list of exercises which were color-coded. For example, the red exercise was a squat/thrust/push up thing. You go into a squat, jump out into plank position, do a push up, jump back into squat and then jump upright. That's one.

So we divided into teams and each team had a stack of Uno cards and you had to divide them by color and addup the colors. So for the first round, we had 22 red cards, which means we did that freaking squat thrust push up exercise 22 times! Repeat with walking squats along a low wall, a squat/overhead press, a twisting punch thing. Twisting punch thing? Easy! We got eight of those. Insane thrusting thing? 22 the first time and 26 the second round! Ugh!

Played this "game" for two rounds, then started a third round with new exercises and, voila, it was time to stretch and leave. One thing I have to say for the games, it makes the time pass quickly.

After boot camp, I came home, showered quickly while Tim got Carlie up for camp so we would not have a repeat of yesterday's bus missing episode. Got her on the bus, and then had to go to work. Got to work to find out the job was cancelled. Came home, got in bed at 9 and slept til noon! I was absolutely DEAD. Now I am up, and starving.

There is a video of the last group of women who went through boot camp up on You Tube. Click here to see it. I am not in it. It was taken for commercial purposes a few weeks ago. Same instructor, same park, even some of the same women, but this is not my boot camp group. But you get the idea. Only difference I would definitely point out is that it is PITCH BLACK for most of our entire session, and these ladies appear to have some daylight. Don't know how they managed that.

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