Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Boot Camp Saga ... Day 2

Went to boot camp. Had to get up at 4:45 a.m. I will continue to harp on this fact until this thing is over! 4:45 might not seem so bad if I got a decent night's sleep, but instead of going to bed early last night I went to see "Stepbrother" (hilarious!) and then could not wind down and fall asleep until it was, like, pretty much time to wake up again. Which explains why it is 9:50 p.m. and I am functioning at the level of Living Dead right now.

So... boot camp. We ran blah blah blah. We did squats blah blah blah. We did crunches blah blah blah. Pretty much nothing but an hour of semi hard core exercise, not much fun to write about. Oh, forgot to mention, PLANKS SUCK ASS.

I needed a mental diversion, so I spent the last half hour of boot camp planning in my head a boot camp reunion for two weeks after the last session. It involved a pancake breakfast and a boot camp instructor pinata.

One of my boot camp comrades made me feel better about my soreness yesterday when she reported that she had to use her cell phone to call her kid from kid's bedroom to the living room to pick up the remote when she dropped it, because she couldn't bend over to get it. She also commented, "Well, I had planned to sit on the couch and watch the Olympics for five hours without moving ANYWAY, so being sore wasn't that bad." At least I wasn't immobilized.

(Yes, I DO KNOW that it is not okay for me to make myself feel better by comparing myself to those less fortunate and thinking, yay, not it. But I am broken.)

On the soreness front, my legs are killing me. I was hobbling around like a little old lady today. Not pretty. It did not help that I had a back to school volunteer responsibility that had to be carried out today at my daughter's school that involved hauling heavy ass boxes out of the basement... with my hobbly legs and limp spaghetti arms, up and down the stairs a gazillion times. And that it was hot as balls all day today.

Because I am a NICE mom, I let Carlie clean out and vacuum my car today so she could "earn" the new Jonas Brothers CD. So I have a clean car and, bonus points, got to listen to the Jonas Brothers CD eleventy thousand times today! Holla! (If you knew how many times we have listened to the Miley CD over the last week, you'd be doing the happy dance for the Jonas Brothers, too. No shit. How scary is that?)

So... two days of boot camp down, seven to go. I will persevere. I will conquer. I will make boot camp my bitch.


getupnow said...

OMG. You are really making me feel like a shlub. I have no idea how you do this. I have nowhere within me the ability to do hard core real exercise. Good for you! I am guessing your hubby finds this really HOT!

I am really liking the child labor...err uhh...the reward program that you are using with your daughter. ;-)

Rogue Scholar said...

I am actually insanely jealous over your boot camp experience!! I have wanted to do it but with my work hours, it just doesn't work out. Especially since I have to take my daughter to day care every morning.

So I go and kill myself with a trainer at the gym. 30 minutes every few days a week and I have spaghetti arms and can't walk for a week. Oh well.

Keetha said...

See, I don't even feel like I should be allowed to say a discouraging word about my Couch to 5K when you're doing a freaking boot camp?? My gosh. My hat's off to you. I am pretty nervous about tomorrow. I think I may have completed one (1) 90-second circuit yesterday. One. Not four. One. I suck.

Amy said...

Oh you so totally rock! I just found your blog from Mrs. G's blogroll, and come to find out...we're neighbors! I'm up in The B.G. It's like The O.C., but with more thrift stores and less hair gel.

I am currently on my third try of getting into a consistent workout routine to hopefully do the Hood to Coast next year. It's not looking too good...

Holla Back atcha Dogs!!
Ugh...too much Project Runway...

~Amy aka Syma