Monday, August 18, 2008

Boot Camp Saga ... Day 4

A new week, another day at Boot Camp. What can I say? 4:45 is still hell'a early to wake up and, oh yeah, I am still weak and have no muscle definition. Oh, did I mention that I have lost exactly ZERO POINT ZERO pounds during Boot Camp? Yeah, there's that.

What did we do today? We stretched, then we did upper body with handweights, progressive sets. So for example, on biceps curls, you do ONE, then you do ONE TWO, then you do ONE TWO THREE, etc. until you've done a set of 10 reps. Did that with biceps, triceps, forward lift and upright rows and shoulder press. Then did it with lunges. Then for a break, we went for a run.

Second segment... we did the same progressive thing with push ups on a rock wall and triceps dips on park benches, with running in between. So one push up, run to the benches, one triceps dip, run to the rocks, two push ups, run to the benches, two triceps dips, until we'd reached 10. Then for laughs we went for a little jog.

Played a game somewhere in there that involved knocking over and picking up orange cones. Woot!

Did I mention that I am pathetically weak and that the puniest bit of upper body exercise makes me want to weep openly?

So that was boot camp. I had 1/2 a whole wheat bagel for breakfast and a salad for lunch, so if I can NOT eat crap food for dinner, I should show a deficit in calories today. Wouldn't that be grand?
UNRELATED TOPIC: Carlie went to camp at Royal Ridges today and OH MY GOD was I on the verge of sending her with the imprint of my foot on her ass. She was so whiny and didn't want to go and didn't know why she was going and accused me of forcing her to sign up (because I love writing $140 checks for summer camp, yeah, uh huh) and that she never wanted to go and life is bad, very, very bad when you are Carlie. If she gets off of that bus this afternoon with a big smile, I don't know if it'll make me laugh or cry after the grief she gave me this morning.


Sherry said...

I read the description of that boot camp thing. I distinctly remember it saying it was fun. Nothing that you're describing sounds fun. At least our race had beer near the finish line.

I'd ask for a refund.

Feener said...

tell me more about this boot camp

Cheryl Guthrie said...

I think your blogs are absolutely hysterical. I'm the same way with crafts, sewing, etc. Such good intentions. So, is the serger for sale?

Amy said...

No need. I am weeping openly for you....

Keetha said...

I'm living vicariously through your boot camp posts. You go!