Sunday, August 3, 2008

Great Wolf Resort Water Park

Took my phone with me on a walk around the facility and got the girls situated in the water park. Now I'm changing into my suit and joining them. Here are a couple of water park shots.
WAVE POOL (above)
SPLASH AREA and STAIRS up to the big slides (below)
There's a lot more in the water park, but this is all that I could see well enough to get pics from the upper level deck.

Lots of people walking around the lobby etc. in just bathing suits, no "cover up" items. Uck. I don't want to look like granny frump in my robe but also don't want to stroll around in my bathing suit. And, no, don't worry, I am leaving my phone in the room and won't be posting any bathing suit photos of myself!
I forgot my real camera, so it's camera phone photos for the whole vacation : (

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