Sunday, August 3, 2008

Maybe I don't get out much, but...

Our room keys are imbedded in our wrist bands for the waterpark. Wave your wrist in front of your room and the door unlocks. Maybe I am easily impressed, but that seems pretty Jetson-like to me.

Carlie is playing MagiQuest. She has a $15 wand and a $10 game pass and is wandering the resort waving her wand at inanimate objects which then come to life and grant her runes and gold and points. Her game name is Storm. Very cute. These are photos of her playing the game. Don't feel bad for Erinna as she looks on jealously at the wand. I offered her a wand, she declined. She has now moved on to the Teen Night Club where for only $10 she has unlimited internet access. I'm sure we'll see her again before we leave.

Well, I can't get the photos to load this way so I will mobile blog them each seperately.

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