Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Incredible Growing Child

Before we went to the bus for camp this morning, Carlie had a melt down (surprise!) because her shoes were too tight. The shoes are Chuck Taylor Converse that I bought TWO WEEKS AGO in a size 2, to replace her size 13.5 which were way too small. So we went from 13.5, skipped 1 and 1.5, and got a 2. TWO WEEKS AGO. They don't fit anymore. WTF? Anybody? Please.

Her soccer shoes, also size 2, don't fit either. I have the receipt on my desk right next to me. I bought them on August 5. They don't fit today, August 20.

I cannot afford this kid growing at this rate. Seriously. New shoes every two weeks?

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Rogue Scholar said...

I remember in elementary school, my feet grew within a matter of weeks. I started out in a size 5 and then all of a sudden had massive pains in my feet. For a week or so I couldn't wear shoes!! My mom took me too the doctor who diagonosed growing pains. We went to the shoe store, measured me and lo and behold-- SIZE 8!!! (I wear size 11 now, so you can see why an 8 in elementary school wasn't strange)

As for soccer cleats.. I bought Jase regular tennis shoes the other day in a size 1.5 boys. The same night, I went to buy cleats since he is starting soccer and i had to buy a 3.5!! I think they run small.