Monday, August 25, 2008

So much to do, so little interest in doing it

Someone in my neighborhood is BBQ'ing, and the way it is wafting through my open window is obscene. Especially as I forage the cupboards and bemoan the fact that the cupboards are bare, and to fill the cupboards would require a trip to the market, which would require doning a bra and "real pants" which all sounds way too ambitious and lofty of a goal right now.

My little sick child just asked, "What's for dinner?" I responded, "I'm not sure yet." She walked away and mumbled, "Please not ramen noodles." Damn. Now I need a new plan.

Also, today I got a "can't wait to see you" email from my sister who, OH YEAH, is flying in Wednesday and, OH YEAH, is bringing a toddler into my death trap, er home, which is so not baby-proofed it's not even funny. Funny how sheer exhaustion can make you forget shit like that.

Did I mention that I slept three hours last night? My son called at 10:45, after I had just fallen asleep (miracle of miracles) because he was stranded at work and needed a ride. By stranded at work, I mean he did not want to ride his bike in the pouring rain. Which I totally understand. But, dude, you need a back up plan that does not involve waking me up. And before you think I am a truly cruel mom, we HAD this discussion before he chose to take the job MAKING PIZZAS which is an HOUR AND HALF commute for him by bike, max train and bus because ... why? It's not like there are not a jazillion pizza establishments within a stone's throw of our house. Seriously. So his choice to work in The Pearl District while he lives in The 'Couv should not cause me to lose sleep. But I went and got him anyway, and lectured him the whole way home.

When we got home, little sick child was sleeping in my room, sleeping being an overstatement as it was more like she was unconscius and somehow not jarring herself awake while she hacked up a lung. I poured Nyquil down her throat and got into bed at 11:45, and my husband rolled over and said, "I gave her some cough syrup at about 11 so she should sleep." Whoopsie. Sleep she did, my friends, sleep she did. But at 3:30, the coughing began again, and I woke up with no hope of falling back to sleep, especially since my alarm was set for 4:45 anyway.

So now it is 6:30 p.m. and I am The Walking Dead. Literally. I took a shower this morning after boot camp, put PJ pants and a tee on and am still wearing them. I did get my desktop cleaned and organized (because I am missing an SD card that I need for work DESPERATELY). No SD card was found, which means I need to empty all of the desk and file cabinet drawers, which I guess will be my project for tonight. Point of this paragraph? Just because I am in PJs all day doesn't mean I was not productive.

Now to go deal with the dinner dilemma. I could order pizza. I could hit the Burgerville drive thru in my PJ's. I could send little sick girl outside looking hungry to hang by the neighbor's BBQ pit and see what happens. I could call the huzb and ask him to pick something up on his way home. Decisions, decisions.


Anna See said...

Loved the title, loved the blog! I have a total lack of gumption right now. Is it possible to be too tired to go to bed?

Rogue Scholar said...

I love Pajama days. That's how it is at our house on the weekends when hubby isn't around. Why get out of them!! Jase stays in his, I stay in mine and the baby... well, she can run around in a diaper all day. Not like I'm going anywhere!! And I am still productive... laundry won't fold it's self ya know.


Keetha said...

Oh, hon. Lack of sleep is the worst. I can't function like that. I'd order pizza and head back to bed. Maybe watch a Lifetime movie or something.

Amy said...

Day from hell, sounds like.

I agree, that day calls for a Lifetime movie.