Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One of My Happy Places, aka the post where she went apeshit with the links

Cinetopia. Even the name makes me feel tingly. I heart Cinetopia in a major way. It gives me a chance to live out all of my snobbery fantasies, because when I go there I feel totally superior to everyone across the country that might be out enjoying a movie at a mere Regal Cinema. When I go to Cinetopia, I am one of the beautiful people and I know in my heart I am where I belong.

Sadly, my husband has the exact same experience, except in a bizarro world completely opposite way, when we go to Kiggins. And we go to Kiggins way more than we go to Cinetopia. Last time we went to Kiggins, the theatre was virtually empty, we sat in the middle, and were joined by two homeless guys who sat THISCLOSE to me and smelled like pee. Not "old pee" but, like, active "I am now peeing myself" pee. I was totally skeeved out. Rubbing elbows with the homeless is part of our daily lives living here in the tres chic downtown 'Couv area, but the smell of fresh urine turns me into a delicate flower who cannot handle the reality of street life and must be sheltered from all things gritty.

Speaking of living in the tres chic downtown area of the 'Couv, our neighborhood last month "put down the city's first street mural." It is on my street, one block down, and is insanely fine. It's been down for a few weeks but I forgot to post a picture. But I digress.

My dear friends at my beloved Cinetopia sent me a coupon today for FREE POPCORN. Who doesn't love FREE POPCORN! Being the ultimate consumer (aka suckah), the allure of FREE POPCORN is more than enough to get me in the door. To make things even better, they're going to be showing RENT, filmed on Broadway during one of the final shows of the 12-year run, and holy hell, who doesn't want to go see RENT in HD in the "living room" theatre where you can have a pitcher of beer or a bottle of wine and tapas and FREE POPCORN all served to you in a cush leather recliner with ottoman. Sign me up!

Being the saavy and wise consumer that I am (bwahhhaaa), I noticed that the offer of FREE POPCORN expires September 4 and RENT is running for four days only September 24, 25, 27 and 28. Damn you, you marketing geniuses, for luring me in not once but twice for the month of September!

So I shall be partaking of the FREE POPCORN sometime in the next nine days, hopefully while my sister is in town because she has never regaled in the splendor that is Cinetopia. Did I mention she is living in Little Rock? I don't think there is any splendor to be found in Little Rock, so I'm sure she could use a dose. I hopefully will also be partaking of the RENT experience at the end of September. Who wants to go see RENT with me? Holla.
**Disclaimer: I am in no way being compensated by Cinetopia (I wish!). I am truly, madly, deeply in love with Cinetopia of my own volition because that's how I roll.

In un-Cinetopia-related news, I am still sick to my stomach, which is so convenient when I need to childproof my entire freaking house in the next 24 freaking hours, and prepare for the mother of all freaking camping trips in three freaking days and my nine year old still has a freaking cough and low temp. Can you tell I'm FREAKING out?
Oh, and my house still reeks. I put out little bowls of vinegar all over the place two days ago, and now it smells like cat turd and vinegar, a tasty combination. Removed my beautiful shag rug, Febreezed the couch and chair. Still stinks. There is a super cute house for sale about two blocks over that I am trying to convince my husband to go look at. He doesn't think moving to a new house because this house smells bad is a viable option. I say, dude, think outside the box every now and then, come on.
Speaking of Tim, my husband came home from work last night and reported that he had been "verbally aggressive" in a meeting he was in and wanted my help with damage control. WTF? When you are self-employed, and a massive part of your income is generated through being on coalitions and such where you are networking and getting referrals, you really should not attack the GUEST SPEAKER who was invited in to talk to your group, a group that you're happy you were invited to be in in the first place. EVEN I KNOW THAT, and I'm the queen of opening my mouth when I should not.

UPDATE: OK, I just revisited the link I used for the tres chic downtown area of the 'Couv above and actually read the page content and I've got to say, I'm loving the list of "cons" to living in Vancouver. They are --
Vancouver is not considered very "hip"
Downtown Vancouver is a ghost town at night
More conservative than Portland
Sales tax
You have to pump your own gas
Hope you like "sprawl!" >>

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