Saturday, August 16, 2008

A whole bunch of nothing

Today was one of those days, filled to the brim with shit to do, nonstop running around, that ends with a resounding feeling of I ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING TOAY.

I slept till 7:30, which felt like noon after getting up for boot camp this week. Had to be out the door at 8:00. We had a high today of 100 degrees, and I rode my bike 5 miles in it. Why? Because I'm dumb like that, that's why.

I am the chairperson for Carlie's school uniform sale. It's a massive undertaking and has been eating my time up the last few days. I reported to duty to get the volutneers off to a good start at 8:30 (took me 30 minutes to ride my bike two miles uphill!).

Then biked back a mile to see Carlie play soccer at her jamboree, game one at 9 and game two at 10:30. She's the girl who's not the goalie in this picture, this stupid dinky little picture that for some reason won't enlarge. Then I biked it back up the hill to her school to wrap up the morning shift of the sale. Biked home at 1 pm, took a nap, ate lunch. DROVE back to the school for the afternoon shift 3-6 pm. Went to mass while I was there, packed it up at 6 pm, drove home, picked up a salad for dinner and, voila, the day is gone and I've done no laundry, cleaned no bathrooms and proofread nothing. It is 8 pm and I am in bed with a beer and my laptop.

It is very hot in my room. And the kitchen, where the rest of the beer is, is very far away. I am contemplating putting a spare beer in the toilet tank to keep it cold, kind of like how we used to put the beer in the river while camping to keep it cold. Seems like a workable idea, frankly.

I am home alone, blissfully alone, for the night. Tim took Carlie to the camp. Taylor is somewhere that is not here. No one is coming or going tonight. I love being home alone. LOVE IT. It is on my list of my five favorite things of all time. If it were not so INSUFFERABLY HOT I would be having the best night ever.
I am going to finish my beer, then work on stretching out my boot-camp cramped legs before I settle in to finish reading James Patterson's "Sail." I am running in a 5k tomorrow, hopefully early enough to avoid the heat, and the way my thighs and ass feel right now, it's not going to be fun.

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