Thursday, September 4, 2008

5k Ass Update

Reading Mrs. G's update reminded me of my own laziness in the 5k Ass Project. So a brief update: I ran 5k today. My ass has shown no appreciable shrinkage. In fact, I have lost exactly 0.0 pounds in the last month, despite much running, sensible eating and three weeks of Boot Camp participation.

I have no photographic evidence of said lack of shrinkage, but take my word for it, there is no shrinkage, unlike the lovely Mrs. G who is working it!

My hat's off to all of you Ass Project participants who are shrinking before our eyes! Well done.

I am in the process of stepping up my game, so to speak, from 5k to 10k. So far, it's not going all that well. I can run a comfortable slow four miles and have even hit the five mile mark ONCE (and only ONCE), but that seems to be where I am maxed out. And now with this whole "lose your toenails" business, I am all skeeved out. I'm going to follow the advice of Ms. Oliver Rain and contact the high-tech running store where I purchased my high-tech running shoes to make sure I am well-equipped with the right gear for keeping my toenails. Eeeewwww. Shiver.


Erin said...

I thank you for your comment on my blog a little while back. Can I ask where you get your motivation to run? I used to love to run, but now, not so much :)

Shana said...

Hi Erin, I tried to email you but it didn't work.

I don't know that I'd call myself "motivated." Frankly, running is the easiest form of exercise that I could find to commit to. I have tried and failed at everything from step aerobics to aqua fit to jazzercise... signed up, gone a handful of times, then quit.

When I decided to give running a try, something just clicked and I've stuck with it since March, which is, like, the longest time I've pretty much stuck with anything fitness related in my life.

I hope you find a way to get your groove back : )

Lisa Milton said...

I've heard that marathon runners, and runners in general, sometimes hit plateaus.

That you need to actually EAT more for your body to part with some fat stores.

Interesting theory, anyway.

I'm still impressed (and worried about your toes).

Keetha said...

Wait, wait, wait. How is that possible, that you have lost literally zero weight with all the running and boot camping you're doing??

Shana said...

KEETHA... I know! Couldn't you just spit!