Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am your worst Target nightmare

You know those pocket folders that kids always need at back to school time? Well, you would not believe how hard those are to find when it's NOT back to school time. My husband uses hundreds of those each year for a class that he teaches, giving each participant their handouts etc. in a blue two-pocket folder, and when he runs out of them I have to buy more at Office Max or Staples or whatever, and they cost like $7 for a pack of four. Right now the Back to School aisle has bazillions of them, and they are 15-cents each.

So I ask my husband, do you want me to stock up? He says yeah, stock up. I say, how many do you want? He says, however many they have.

You can see where this is going.

I filled my Target cart with blue folders. Literally filled my cart. And then realized, oh crap, someone is going to have to ring these up. Which is going to involve counting them. I offered to go to the customer service counter so as not to hold up the line, but they told me to just get in line. 15 minutes of folder counting later, the cashier rang up my 617 blue folders. The people in line behind me were not what I'd call happy campers. NOT MY FAULT!!

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Oliver Rain said...

Oh, YOU'RE that person!