Sunday, September 28, 2008

Halloween Planning time

I have spent the last several weeks refusing to listen to my child talk about her Halloween costume.  I refuse to participate in Halloween costume planning until October.  Mean, I know.

But for the record, just because I don't engage in the conversation, I am not deaf, so I do know that she wants to be the PRINCESS OF THE DEAD, complete with black tiara.  Morbid, much?

I have threatened to go to the school carnival as Hannah Montana.  Seriously, how funny would that me, a middle-aged Hannah Montana?

Now the only question is, do I make Tim dress up as Billy Ray (circa Achey Breaky Heart) or one of the Jonas Brothers?  I am thinking a mullet would be pretty sweet.
When my son was in 10th or 11th grade at Hudson's Bay High School, there was a boy with a mullet.  And I mean, seriously, it was a wicked ass mullet.  Full blown.  Other kids had pooled $100 and he was growing the mullet to win the cash.  It was pretty hard core.  Mullet is more a way of life than a fashion statement.  Having grown up in the deep south, I can say this with some confidence.


Keetha said...

You're 100% right about the mullet thing. It's alive and well still.

I'd have Tim go as Billy Joe Cyrus. Take photos. :-)

Anna See said...

I've had a few bad haircuts in which I was left with a mullet. Ugh.

I say you should definitely do the H. Montana thing!

BTW, Molly was a zombie when she was 5 years old and Dorothy from Wizard of Oz last year. No clue about this year yet.