Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am being a freak, but...

... I am now obsessed with the notion of losing toenails. I've been reading blogs of runners and walkers who do marathons, half-marathons and long-distance relays in the half-hearted hopes of some day being a runner who does a half-marathon, or even just a 10k.

And I'm finding this common theme: that these runners and walkers routinely lose a couple of toenails after a race. Excuse me? Lose a toenail? Hello? I did not know this was part of the whole "being a runner" thing when I downloaded Couch to 5k!

So today while running on the treadmill, a whole whopping 3.1 miles, I could just feel my toenails loosening up and threatening to fall right off. NOT A GOOD FEELING.

Hey, real runners, talk me down, here, because I'm working myself into a toenail losing frenzy.


Oliver Rain said...

I ran a marathon and I lost my two big toenails. I think it has to do with properly fitting shoes with enough support & stuff. I'm not sure if there is a way to prevent it, because the motion of running, forces your toes against the front of the shoe. Do they make toe-less running shoes perhaps? ha ha We have a store here called the Running Room. Maybe there is a similar store in your area where you can check into the whole thing.

Lisa Milton said...


You're telling me that on top of the agony (can you tell I'm not a runner?) of running vast distances, you may lose toenails...

I'm so very disturbed. They just come off?

(I lost one to a heavy plate that I dropped on my toe. It seemed like it took forever for it to grow back.)

I'm now praying for your toes.

Kathy said...

I don't lose them when I do regular runs/walks. It is when I really push myself that I lose them. Like the Portland to Coast. I did the Great Columbia crossing last year. Speed walking and I had no problems. You will be fine, unless you push yourself really hard. :)