Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I may not have a degree in child psychology, but...

Whenever my husband wants to annoy me, he will start in with his psychobabble and say something like, "Well, honey, you know, I AM a trained mental health professional," and then I gag.  

But it doesn't take a trained mental health professional to read the writing between the lines in Carlie's Fourth Grade Writing Journal.  She decided to dabble in some fiction last night, after spending the last couple of weeks writing little vignettes about family members.  The jist of her "fiction" offering: a 17 year old princess named Mary who is at the mercy of her cruel choremaster mother after the death of her  beloved father, at the hand of vampires.

Yeah... perhaps dad needs to take some time off from being a "trained mental health professional" and come home before 9 p.m. every now and then.  You think?  We're not even going to go into the chores issue of that whole thing because this is the messiest, least chore-doing kid you've ever met.  

In other news... have I mentioned that I am a very fragile and delicate flower?  As such, when life gets overwhelming I go into shut down mode.  Which is where I am now.  Went to bed at 8:30 p.m. because it was easier than trying to do the shit that needs to get done.  And I had the mother of all headaches, so sleep was a good avoidance tactic on that front as well.  The good news, I woke up headache free.  The bad news, I missed Dancing with the Stars (I am lame, I know, sue me).  And I didn't Tivo it because I was Tivo'ing Heros.  Hello Fall TV Schedule, I have missed you so!  As far as DWTS goes, I can catch up tonight or tomorrow night.  A three night season premier?  I like the show and even I am thinking, overkill much?

Anyway, I am so far behind in work that it's not even funny.  I had two depos yesterday that lasted forever with no lunch break and at the end of the day the attorney said she needed the transcripts WEDNESDAY.  Um, hello?  That's the day after tomorrow, and I have another all day job Tuesday, so, screw me.  

Luckily the job today finished early.  So now I am home with some downtime to get caught up.  Do you like how I am spending it?  I am the MOST PRODUCTIVE person of all time.


charlene said...

hey shana

hope you get your stuff done. i understand your shut down mode, i do that too.

i normally have a glass of wine and sit and watch everyone else do what i'm supposed to be doing. maybe i'm a bit selfish, but when your home with a beautiful new baby all day, you'll take shut down mode whenever you can.

Lisa Milton said...

I just finished watching the Heroes premiere last night while doing a marathon unpacking of fall clothes and laundry.

I loved it. I hope it will boost your spirits.