Sunday, September 21, 2008

How To Look Good Naked

I know this show is annoying, but I still kind of want to hang out with Carson.  I am sick that way, creating friendships in my head with celebrities.  But I totally think Carson and I would be BFFs.

And speaking of TV, while dorking around with MY MAC today I watched the pilot for Fringe.  I hope it sucks me in, but so far, no.  But it's only one episode and the potential is there.  And grown up Pacey?  Hello hotness.

Waiting for Tim to get here with pizza so we can watch the Emmy's tonight, because what better way to wrap up a weekend of no exercise than with pizza and beer?

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getupnow said...

Mmm. Pacey. I heart Pacey. Supposedly there is going to be a reunion. I hope to the gods of sappy teen drama that is true!! Until then, the new 90210 will have to do. Hmm. Now to figure out how to go run when I would rather sit and watch a Dawson's Creek marathon.