Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Not fair! Not fair! Not fair! (stomp)

I want to have a day off.  One might think that because it is noon and I am in sweats and on my laptop, that I am having a day off.  But, alas, not so.  There is a big difference between "day off" and "work from home."  Unfortunately, many people don't realize that, hence the text messages I am receiving from my sadistic friends taunting me with the fun they are having without me.  Hey, guys?  SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE.  I HAVE TO WORK!  (stomp)

First step to being productive: I cleaned my kitchen, bought groceries, organized my pending jobs in a priority ordered list and ate a big beautiful salad for lunch.  Now I can get started on work.

Before grocery shopping I had a quick check in with the doctor to check my cholesterol.  Back story: had a physical in June or so and cholesterol came in high.  Doc said try diet/exercise for eight weeks and come back.  Did that.  Still high... lower, but still high.  Doc wrote a 'scrip for Zocor.  Did I fill it?  No.  Decided that I had not tried the diet/exercise with as much gusto as I could have.  So today was my eight week check in to see how the meds worked.  I walked in very cocky, thinking, ha ha, wait till they see how low low low my cholesterol is and then I can shock and awe them with the fact I did not fill the 'scrip.

I'm sure you all know where this is going.  Cholesterol was high.  Actually higher than it was BEFORE I got serious with the diet/exercise.  W T F?  Went from 204 last time to 210 today.  So I dropped the 'scrip for Zocor at the pharmacy and will go back for it later on.  

So it's official.  I am middle aged and on a daily med.  Very disappointing.

Lunch break is over... back to work for me.

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Lisa Milton said...

I hate it when you do all you can do and still you must take a pill.