Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Derfs Allowed

Riddle me this, bloggers: Why, why, why would anyone TALK on their cell phone in a crowded gym while they work out and others attempt to work out as well?  Why, I ask you, why?  

If I might borrow my new favorite word from the oh so wise Mrs. G... hey, derfwad**, get off the effing phone while I workout, please.  Or go work out by that other derf with the GOD AWFUL shitton of perfume on.  

To my credit, aforementioned derf distractions did not prevent me from hitting the treadmill and running three miles and walking one, thank you very much.

**Derfwad: /durf/wod  noun
1. low grade moron; 2. pathetic term of endearment; 3. nut job.

And now for a gratuitous web cam shot of me and mini me, post-homework.


Feener said...

oh yes WHY ??? so many people at the gym bother the f out of me

Lisa Milton said...

My kids went swimming at a community center last night and the machines were full of people, all chatting on their phones.

Very, very odd indeed.

(No one does that at jazzercise. Thank God. Now that would be strange.)

I'm looking for a derf-free world.

krista said...

If you receive a phone call from someone while they exercise, you can pretty much count on the fact that talking to you is on the bottom of their list of desired activities. They called you at the point when there was nothing else they could do instead. Exercising is one of the few things in life that you can't multitask. That and sex. "Hi! What cha doing?" "Nothing, how about yourself?" "Oh, Bob wanted to have sex again, so I've got some time to kill. Not much though."

Shana said...

Krista... kind of like me returning all emails during the time alloted for cleaning house.