Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things I NEEEEED to have or I may die, right now, on the spot

The new 16 gig iPod Nano.

The Nike+ to go with my new iPod Nano.

The Fit Bit, which isn't out yet, but I need it anyway.

And a new Dell Mini Laptop.

If I had these things, I know that I would instantly feel better, live a happier/healthier life, be kinder to small children and animals and less likely to feel the homicidal rage that so often swells within me. Because I LOVE stuff! And I don't have this stuff! And I should, I really should. If anyone should have this stuff, it's me.

A social experiment: you just received $350.00, tax free, no strings attached except for the follow: you can only spend it on yourself, you cannot use it to pay an existing bill, you cannot use it for groceries or utilities. The goal is something FUN for YOU. What would you buy?


jen said...

only $350?? hmmmm. it's not quite enough for my new camera or laptop...
but, i think i would go for grabbing 3 friends and splurging on dinner and wine...and a FULL night out.

Amy said...

Some fancy panties and a few more nursing bras. And a clothes shopping spree at Goodwill. The outlet Goodwill. With the bins. Its therapeutic I tell you.