Thursday, September 11, 2008

Whining, Blogging, Running and Some Perspective

I had to work today... a deposition at an attorney's office with no air conditioning, said office being in an old house in the northeast area of Portland. Being a genius, the attorney has situated the conference room in the rafters of the house, kind of a converted attic space. Hot much? It was 87 degrees outside and at least 10 degrees warmer in the conference room.

How cute did I look in my new green blazer bought especially for work? Super cute, until I wilted. What did I have on under the blazer? A camisole that is about two sizes too big and an ill-fitting bra. Nice! Guess what? I never had any intentions of taking the blazer off, so what difference did it make? Yes, lesson learned.

Now I am home again, in my own sweltering hot attic space that serves as my bedroom, thinking about a show that was on TV in the 90s. I don't remember the name, but the characters were dionsaurs. The baby dinosaur called the dad "Not the momma." That phrase is stuck in my head tonight, "not the momma, not the momma, not the momma," kind of my mantra as I hide from a nine year old who needs help with social studies. It's evenings like this when Tim's late work schedule becomes an "issue" for me.

Went for a 4.6 mile run this morning. I hated every minute of it. Hey, real runners, how do you get over that whole I HATE RUNNING thing? I really would like to learn to be better at this.


While I am thinking about running, as well as tragedy and loss today, I want to throw in a link to Matt's blog, a place I lurk. Just about everyone has heard about the Nienie blogger tragedy, and the outpouring of support has even been covered by the national media. Whereas Stephanie is a blogger who has been struck by tragedy, Matt is a guy who turned to blogging after tragedy struck. His story is heartbreaking and I promise you won't be able to read it without shedding a tear and marveling at his strength. Click here to read more, but long story short, his beautiful, healthy, young wife died the day after giving birth to his gorgeous baby girl. So he became a dad, single parent and a widower in April and is trying to figure out what happens next.

Where does the running part tie in? The friends and family of his late wife are organizing a 5k, having a participant in every time zone in the world walk or run a 5k in Liz's memory, to create a "walk around the world." Pretty neat concept. It's happening this month. I'm in.

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