Sunday, October 19, 2008

Books for Christmas... who doesn't like to get books!

My friend Feener is a big fan of My Very Own Name Books, from I See Me. Well now they have some new product and they look quite interesting !! First off they are offering wall hangings which are adorable !! They also have a new book which seems like such a wonderful way of capturing memories. Need a perfect, unique holiday gift for a niece or nephew ??? Something special for your own little one. Check them out !!!!
I have a FREE SHIPPING CODE for any product you order - FSD13665.

I don't have any personal experience with these books, but I totally trust Feener on this one, plus I am pimping them out in the hopes of winning free coffee. So Starbucks for me and awesome gifts for you to give. Win Win!

1 comment:

Feener said...

you rock ! and since you seem to be the only one participating you might just win !!!!!