Monday, October 20, 2008

My toilets are dirty, but...

... look what I did instead of cleaning bathrooms and doing laundry and crap like vacuuming.
I finished knitting this pair of socks, which I started in November 2007 as a Christmas gift for Tim, then got tired of working on.
I started this scarf Wednesday and finished Saturday, which will be someone's Christmas gift because I already have one in similar colors for myself.
And I knit two of these hats. Started one at Saturday's soccer game and finished it at dinner at a friend's house (pork tostadas, delish!) and gifted it to my friend Krista, who looks much better in it than I do.  Had enough yarn for a second one, started Sunday and finished right now.

Honestly, who has time for mundane chores when the crafting mood strikes? And now it's time to start on our Christmas gifts. This year Carlie and I are painting custom fairy houses for her friends.


Feener said...

ok, i have not knitted in a LONG time, but i am thinking i might start it up again, blankies and scarves only

Keetha said...

You are so crafty!