Friday, October 31, 2008

Mr. One Two

OK, so big Halloween plans. I was going to go to the Blazer's game with Tim. Tim has seasons tickets. It's not "we" have seasons tickets. Just Tim. Let me amend that. Tim has A seasons ticket. Just one. And three of his buds have them also, so four guys, four tickets. Every now and then there are very complex negotiations that result in one guy getting two tickets, or sometimes even four tickets. So tonight was "our night," with two tickets.

But I was sick. That whole spinning head thing? Yeah, not going up in the Rose Garden stadium seating with that, thanks anyway. So Tim called up a friend, and off they went to the Blazer's game.

And Carlie? She had a sleepover party to go to, which started at 4 pm, so she was long gone.

And me? I was home alone, blissfully alone, but with NO CANDY because no one was going to be home, so I didn't buy any. So I was home, alone, in the dark, hiding from the trick or treaters. And my friend called and said, "Let's go to a movie." 

And the strangest thing happened? The spinning, dizzy head? Gone! Like Magic! I made a full and miraculous recovery. So I went to see Rocknrolla and now, Gerard Butler? He is so going to be my next husband. I will make him very happy. I will be the best wife ever when I am married to Gerard Butler, I swear it.

Now I'm home, and all that going to movies and such? Yeah, kind of taxing when you've been laying in bed for two and a half days doing NOTHING, so while I am feeling not so much dizzy and queasy, I am definitely feeling tired and kind of beat down. 

So it's to bed for me, and by the power of lucid dreaming, or whatever that thing is called when you control your actions in your dreams, I will be paying a little midnight visit to my hubby-to-be.

Oh, and Rocknrolla? Totally go see it. And in case you haven't heard, Guy Ritchie is available.


Oliver Rain said...

I hope you are feeling better tonight and maybe got a little dream-state action? Gerard Butler...yum.

Keetha said...

I hope the dizziness is gone for good. And I like the mancake on your blog.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Something amusing for you (and your husband, possibly): I thought that pic was of Gerard Butler but since you didn't say anything about him for the first many paragraphs of your post, I started to believe maybe that was your real husband. [Insert oppressive envy, and amped up desire to become your very best friend]

I'd still like to meet you & be your friend, even if your now-husband is not Gerard Butler...Frankly, that makes friendship easier :)