Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Still dizzy but not dead (yet), plus, my kid had a birthday

I am still in bed (it's 2 pm) and still dizzy, but other than that life goes on. As long as I don't make any sudden movements, I'm peachy. So I am skipping the doctor today, going in tomorrow if I still feel weird. I think I might have a sinus infection? Can a sinus infection do this to a person? I'm not congested, but I have developed a weird pressure in my sinus area. So that's where that is. It is still bad enough that I don't think I can drive, so there's that.

In other news, Sunday was my son's birthday. He is now 20 years old. 

I read lots of blogs on a semi-regular basis, and there is kind of a trend towards writing loving tributes to your children or spouse on their birthday. I thought about writing such a post about my son, but I didn't do it. He doesn't really want to be a "featured attraction in my rantings" and I respect that. But I do have a few things to say about the boy (or should I say the man?) that don't violate the "no rantings" policy.

I had Taylor when Maggy was 17 months old. Yes, I got pregnant with my second child when my first child was nine months old. What can I say? I was young, energetic and somewhat stupid. Needless to say, Taylor missed out on a lot of attention that should have been spent ooing and ahing over the baby that was instead spent keeping the toddler from killing the baby. Likewise, Maggy missed out on some nurturing and mental stimulation that she could have benefited from in her toddlerhood as that time was instead spent keeping two small children alive without much of a clue as to how to do so.

Moms are not allowed to have favorite children. It's a rule, and as rules go, it is a good one. But I do have favorite things about each of my children. I think that is permissible under the rules. I also see myself in each of my children, and the part of me that I see in each of them is usually the part that cracks me up the most, and makes me want to abandon them to an orphanage the most as well. Seeing yourself in your children is so love/hate.

What I see of myself in my son is his snarky sense of humor, his ability to make good with the quick comebacks and an irreverence for all things "authority." He is a funny guy, and he is so smart, and if he would only apply that brain power to the work of good vs. evil, the world would be a better place. He is on his second attempt at a college education after taking some time off, and this time he is doing it on his own dime, and taking it a lot more seriously. Amen.

Taylor has moved out of the family home twice, and moved back in twice. After his most recent stint in the adult world, he came back a bit humbled and definitely appreciative of the perks of the family home (food, heat, etc.) and we're so glad to have him here with his appreciative attitude. Even though we rarely see him between work, school and living a 20-year-old's life.

He's the only boy in a family with one sister, one half sister and two step sisters, which I am sure is not easy, and probably not that much fun either, from a boy-perspective. He has a mom and a dad and a stepmom and a stepdad, so double the parental noses in his business, which again isn't fun or easy.  Still, he's made some great progress this year in the journey from boy to man and we're anxious to see what the future holds for him. Because this is a kid who could literally do anything with his future if he puts his mind to it.

Happy Birthday, Tayto.


My Name is Cat said...

A nice, but not too mushy tribute

My Name is Cat said...

oh, and a sinus infection can so make you dizzy.

Nap Warden said...

Sinus fun. Feel better:)

I sent you an email regarding the header...did you get it?

Keetha said...

What a great post. The birthday boy sounds like quite the young man.

Also, hope you feel better!