Saturday, November 22, 2008

The bloggiest day ever

In all things bloggy, I am golden right now.  I had a great meet up with other bloggers, like in person! I have been chosen as the comment of the week (on this post) by the world's greatest blogger, June at Bye Bye Pie! And now I have been tagged for my first meme by Bad Mom. I am on a bloggy roll.

1. Real moms don't flinch when they talk about boobs. They do make you laugh your brains out.
4. Real moms juggle.
9. Real moms give good advice. Really, kids, you should listen.

I tag:
Feener, Mommy Vents
Anna See, Inch of Gray
Oliver Rain, Oliver Rain
Keetha, Write Kudzo
and Cat, My Name is Cat
And there are other people I want to tag, but I am tired of inserting links, so, please, tag yourself. Tag you.  Tag off. 

Rules are below.

Oh, and yes, there are two No. 3s above. I do not know why. I just copied it as is. And yes, I am tech challenged, so I had to manually recreate all of the links because I could not figure out how to copy and paste the list with links intact. And yes, I am now already sick of this meme before even making my contribution because I turned it into way too much work.

But you have fun!

The rules: Copy the above text to our blog, leaving all links intact, and add in who tagged you. Add your "real mom" contribution to the list. Tag as many moms as you can.

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Lee said...

Humm... I'm still trying to understand this meme... might take me a few days...