Thursday, November 6, 2008

Crisis averted, at least this one

Turns out 90% of what I enjoy watching on TV, which is about four, five, maybe six shows per week, is available online and for free. Some of it, I don't think is so legal. Are you REALLY allowed to record a show, chop it into 10 minute segments and post it on You Tube? I would think there would be rules against that. 

So, the great TV crisis of '08 is officially at an end. I have other things to be fixated on and lamenting the loss of satellite TV is no longer on the list.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment or sent an email or a text message or called me about anxiety and SAD. I am leaning towards the suggestion of taking Tim to Louisiana for an exorcism, that way I can visit my family and that's frugal, the whole two birds/one stone aspect of it. 

My friend ordered my 24 lb turkey for me last night, so it's officially time to begin fixating on the next stressor, which is Thanksgiving prep. My house is a sty. I will have guests occupying not only the guest room, but the futon in my office as well. I love hosting Thanksgiving but I hate the prep and build up. Not the food prep, I like that part, but the whole clean the house to a higher standard than how we normally live part, that part sucks. But it is a necessity, because I have to tell you, our bar around here is set pretty freaking low.

What is everyone else planning for Thanksgiving? My head count as of today is 10 adults, 3 teens and 5 children. We usually end up with a few more than that by the time the day rolls around. Everyone will bring food, but I always make my oyster/artichoke soup, the turkey, a ham, a tofurkey, plus Tim grills a salmon. We leave the sides to the guests.

I am trying to think of something clever or fun to do to mix things up this year. We always go around the table and everyone tells what they are thankful far. Very Hallmark movie-ish. I am thinking, have everyone write down one thing they are thankful for and we'll mix them up, everyone read one and have to guess who wrote it.

One year, the last year, actually, that I didn't host, dinner was really, really late and I drank way too much and was hungry and cranky, so when we finally sat down at the table and we're going to say what we're thankful for, I proposed that we go around the table and tell something we really dislike about someone else at the table instead. My game was not well received, but I thought I'd get things started and went on to say some less than flattering things about my now ex-sister in law. 

Ah, good times, good times.



HB said...

Ok - why the hell doesn't bloglines let me know when you update???

Too funny about the Turkey day stories. We are going to FLA for a Norman Rockwell week with hubbie's family. Half of them don't talk to each other so your game of saying what we don't like about someone at the table should go over well! 2years ago we got our neighbor all drunk on Harvey Wallbangers then sent him home to his wife, kids and off to his folks for dinner. They loved it as he was the life of the party. His Dad even called to thank us for getting his son all drunk - the guy barely drinks but we are pros. Hubby & I put the bird in the oven and then passed out - all by noon.
Would love your recipe for the oyster soup.

Lee said...

Wow, drunk Shana sounds awesome ;)