Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stupid real life interfering with getting my blog on

Quite the dilemma: I have an AWESOME story that I want to tell, but it involves someone else, who I know in real life (go figure!) and who reads my blog (and is puking about now thinking I am about to tell the story!) and I CAN'T TELL because she thinks she will die if I tell it. 

I just want you to know, real life friend, if I ever get really desperate for entertaining blog fodder, I will totally throw you under the bus.

Plus, since it happened to you IN FRONT OF ME, doesn't that really make it my story anyway?


Feener said...

you can tell it on my blog as a guest blogger - but it will be anoym. well i guess not if i jsut told everone here

Keetha said...

Just change the names and any identifying characteristics.

And don't leave us hanging!

HB said...

Do can't be any worse than June's gas story.