Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy December Eve!

That's it. November is over. December is here tomorrow. How the hell did that happen so quickly? It's frightening how fast time seems to be moving. Is that part of aging? While getting out the Thanksgiving table settings from the  bottomless storage drawer, I found Christmas items from last year that had never been put away. Seems like I stashed them there just the other day with plans to take them down to the basement and store them properly and never got around to it. And now "just the other day" is a year ago. Jeez

NaBloPoMo is over. I posted every day for the month of November. I had one small unintentional cheat in that one of my Friday fillins was actually posted Thursday night. I'm going to let myself slide on that one and call the project a success. Frankly, it wasn't that challenging because I post A LOT. It's a symptom of my problem of being overly self-involved. I assume everyone is interested in the minutia of my life and thus I feel compelled to share everything. You're welcome.

Spent today doing not much of anything. Walked 1 mile round trip to the local high school track and ran four miles at the track. Uneventful. Went to church after that and had french toast after mass. Uneventful. Now I am helping Carlie work on her Christmas gifts. We're getting the tree next Saturday when we ride the Christmas Train in Yacolt, WA through the forest and over a covered bridge with a depot stop to visit with Santa and select a tree. We did it last year and it was a lot of fun, so I am glad we were able to get tickets to do it again this year (even though I forgot about it until, um, last week and tickets were almost all sold out). Hopefully we'll make this part of our Christmas tradition.

One of the holiday traditions that I started with Carlie and really love is homemade gifts for friends. No shopping. We've made necklaces, bracelets, photo collages, water globes and purses in the past. This year she is making each girl a little wooden plaque collaged with that girl's favorite celebrity. We made a tester today for Carlie's room, featuring Selena Gomez and Cody Linley. It's quite cute. She has it hanging up already even though the glue is not dried yet. I'll snap a photo when I go rejoin the family after this little bloggy break.

I'm sad to see this long Thanksgiving break end and I'm not looking forward to the busy week ahead. But I am happy that hosting Thanksgiving forced me to get my house in order. Things are looking good and boy does that make a difference in my attitude. Now the key will be to MAINTAIN this level of organization and tidiness until our Christmas Eve bash. We'll be hosting an open house after 5 pm mass. Last year we had 50 people here. It was crazy and wild and insane and fun. If you knew my house, you'd know that it cannot hold 50 people. Yet we did it last year and it's still standing. So we'll do it again.

That's it. I am ending NaBloPoMo with a random post about nothing. Who am I kidding, 95% of my posts are random and about nothing. I promise I'll try to be clever in December.

Happy December Eve!


Lisa Milton said...

I'm sorta glad not to be posting daily anymore; I'm just not that interesting these days.

Sad, but true.

Hope your week gets off to a peaceful start.

Lee said...

4 miles around a track? I can't imagine -- the monotony would get to me before my legs gave out. Or maybe that is just due to all the track running I did as a youth, and wanting to get away from that. Anyway, kudos for running in a loop for 4 miles :)

And I, too, am sad that the Thanksgiving weekend is now over. And the toddler won't go to bed. Sigh.

Keetha said...

I want to come and do that Christmas train thing. It sounds so festive.

Last night temps got in the upper 20s and I was all woo hoo! Winter time!