Saturday, November 29, 2008

Movie Reviews

Bolt. I didn't actually go in. I sat in the lobby and read a book. That is how much I did not want to hear the voices of Miley Cyrus and John Travolta in a Disney animated film. But the nine year olds that I took? They loved it. Six thumbs up (three kids, but they used both thumbs).

Twilight. I actually did go in. Having read the books (in short order, I might add), I was excited for the movie release. And I adore Rob Pattison. I think he is totally hawt, in that young enough to be my son kind of way. And no, Eryn, I do NOT think his head is too big. I think his head is perfectly proportioned. 

I liked Twilight. You need to see it for what it is, which is a teen-oriented vampire love story. If you go in wanting more than that, you are shit out of luck. It was fun and cheesy and a good time was had by all (all being me and Erinna). Erinna said it was "OK, I guess." She wanted more Jacob, but, sorry, Jacob is not the star of the first book, so there was not much Jacob, and that is fine with me, because that wig they had on that poor actor? Puh-leez. And for someone who only thought it was OK? She saw it a second time during the week. And then asked if I wanted to go again this weekend. That's how we define "OK, I guess" around here apparently.

I'm giving Twilight thumbs up. Erinna gives it thumbs horizontal. Or as Carlie calls it, thumbs medium.

Four Christmases. Saw this yesterday afternoon with Tim, my brother in law and another couple. It was really cute. The whole first half is crack up funny. I wish it would have stayed focused on the "comedy" and less on the "romantic" part of "romantic comedy." I would have been happy with just funny across the board, minus the angst.

I will say, though, that I heart Vince Vaughn in a major way. And Reese Witherspoon? She's on my top 5 list of girl crushes. So I may be biased. And when Vince is on screen with John Favreau, I am a happy camper. Always. No matter what they're doing. And when I say John Favreau, I mean this John Favreau, not this John Favreau, though I'm sure the second is a lovely guy.

We all laughed out loud many times during the movie. Of the five people attending, four gave it thumbs up. Tim gave it thumbs horizontal, but he has SAD and was pissed off that the tickets cost $7.50 for a matinee. He only gives thumbs up to movies seen at The Kiggins, where you get a double feature for $4. That's just how he rolls.

Australia. Saw it last night with four other women. It was divine. Lovely. Beautiful. Breathtaking. And Nicole Kidman? Can't freaking stand her, but even she could not turn me against this movie. It was that good.

And Hugh Jackman? Sexiest Man Alive per People Magazine? I'll say. He is all that and a bag of chips. My only criticism is that there was no nudity. Come on, it's a long-ass movie, you can't slip in a butt shot of Hugh Jackman? Put me on your editing team, I can make it happen.

We all loved it. We all give it thumbs WAY UP. 


Lisa Milton said...

Reese has been one of my favorites for years, since Man in the Moon, and Freeway...It looks fun.

And Australia? I can't wait to see this one.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

I wish Reese were one of my girlfriend neighbors [and not just because she's dating Jake Gyllenhaal, but that helps].

Please recommend me as part of your film editing team when that happens...

bernthis said...

the critics gave four Christmases a very low score. Now, I'm going to see it. Why do I constantly listen to those idiots?

Keetha said...

This post makes me crave movie popcorn, dripping in butter. I have yet to see Twilight. sigh

Rogue Scholar said...

I don't know... my friend saw Twilight last week (after reading all 4 books in as many days) and she told me not to waste my money.

Here's where the problem lies... Edward is perfect. No matter who was cast for the role, that person wouldn't be good enough.

I can't wait to see Australia. Holla Hugh!! Yummy!! Although, I am waiting for the Wolverine movie to come out in the spring/summer to do my drooling over him. Yes, Hugh Jackman is hot, but he is all sorts of yummi-ness as Wolverine. The only time I'll tolerate facial hair!

My Name Is Cat said...

Wow, you go to a lot of movies. I just can't seem to bring myself to go to a theater because of people talking to each other and on cell phones. Plus we had a huge issue at the local theater with rats, so I just wait until they come on DVD, but Yankee and the kids still go see everything. Hippie hated Twilight even though she was a huge fan of the books.