Monday, November 10, 2008

The Overly Optimistic Cook

Have you ever made something new that you just knew was going to be so good that you made a triple batch so you could enjoy it evermore, only it turned out not so good?

Behold the gigantic vat of tom yum soup so spicy it makes children and old ladies weep tears of pain.


Anna See said...

Ugh. This reminds me of my vat of pineapple chicken in the crock pot. Is it any surprise we get into cooking ruts???

Rogue Scholar said...

This happens often in my house. It is usually followed by my husband and I taking a bite, putting down our utensils and picking up the phone to order pizza.

Thankfully, he liked the VAT of taco soup I made last night. We'll be eating it for awhile.


Lee said...

Lol! What did you put in it to make it so spicy??