Monday, November 10, 2008

Follow and Lead, it's like a dance.

And speaking of dance, my Tivo is obviously pissed off at me for something, because he did not record Dancing with the Stars tonight, and I think he did it on purpose. He has been somewhat moody and passive aggressive lately. Probably since he caught wind of the cancellation of satellite TV which is going into effect on 11/14. 

What have I been up to tonight, while everyone is GONE and I am home all alone? Well, I just spent, like, a million hours setting up feeds and follows and google things for all of the blogs I read. At least the ones that have made it idiot-proof and there is something to click that says "follow this blog." See how organized I am and how I am streamlining my life so that reading blogs will be easy to do and less time consuming and I'll be able to devote that much more time to individually steam cleaning each of the tiles in my kitchen floor? Yay for organization. Don't you love how I use my alone time? So productive.

In the spirit of following blogs, I also tried to idiot-proof my own. But I don't know if I did it right because me idiot-proofing something is kind of like the blind leading the blind (into traffic). So if you click it and it doesn't work, please tell me. And when you tell me that it doesn't work, if you could also include directions for how to fix it that would be great. And if you could give those directions as if you're trying to explain it to a five year old, even better.

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My Name is Cat said...

Our TiVo died and we switched to the Tivon't that Direct tv gives you. It does the job, but it's not the same.
Now on to more important matters, I'm pretty sure that it was alluded to in an earlier episode that when a vampire makes a vampire they are sort of responsible for them. That's the thought I had when Bill made that girl. Secondly, I've cheated and started reading the books. I've finished the first on which is pretty much the series except for some major things like there is no Tara. That woman appears in the beginning of the second book and will have a major role I think, but I've only read the 1st 65 pages-- all last night. I was up until 1am. It's going to be a long day.