Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tales from the trail

Things I learned while jogging today:

1. There is more traffic downtown on a weekday at noon than a Sunday at 7 a.m. Go figure.
2. There are more people on the walking paths on a sunny day at lunchtime than a rainy early morning. Again, surprise! (2a) People in your way = suck.
3. Wet leaves are slippery.
4. The busted-ass sidewalk is still busted under the blanket of wet leaves, even if you can't see it.
5. If you are running and sweating and your nose starts to run, it is best to designate one sleeve for sweat and one for snot, and remember which is which.
6. The aroma wafting from your favorite Mexican restaurant is somewhat revolting when you have sprinted uphill and are gasping for breath.
7. Multi-tasking while running = (a) moving forward (b) uphill (c) while breathing and (d) maintaining your cardiac integrity (aka not dying).
8. I have yet to master the aforementioned running multitasking ability.
9. The chicken nugget combo with 'slaw from Popeye's is not a good pre-run meal.
10. If you are two miles from home and you want to quit your run, you still have to get home, and running gets you there faster than walking.


Lee said...

All very good pointers. I am debating if running while suffering from a stomach virus that makes you queasy is a good idea.

My Name is Cat said...

Uh, Lee, I'm thinking not.

Lee said...

Well, I did it. I went for a run. The queasiness has been coming and going in waves so I went for a run when it was gone. The fresh air felt great. And I didn't even remotely feel like throwing up, just felt low on energy.

Keetha said...

You mentioned Mexican food and Popoeyes. Now I'm hungry for both, or either, and it's only 9:00 a.m.

Margy said...

Great observations - I'd like to add one from my run.
Roads that look flat when driving aren't always that flat when running.

bernthis said...

Okay, I'm just jealous you can run. Last year my cartilage went on a vaca and left me with no ability to get anywhere in a hurry. Ahh!!!